Make your startup lean, fast, and agile. Our startup-focused services enable you to hit the ground running, right out of the gate, at full speed.

Intelifaz is the experienced team you need to help define, validate and build out your vision. We bring years of experience creating disruptive innovation for startups and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve designed and built application development platforms, programming languages, complex visual configurators, and patented a method for self-updating apps. We have the innovation chops that startups thrive on. Let us help you turn your big idea into a disruptive digital experience.

Services for start-ups:

Transformational refactoring: Transform your prototype into a secure, scalable, well-documented, and tested platform ready to deploy.

Team as a service: Hire a fractional team in specialized areas you require for just the hours you need: UX/UI, Front end, Cloud Infrastructure, QA Automation

Prototyping: Take your idea from concept to working prototype in record time.

Lean startup as a service: From your Idea to MVP to a deployed web and mobile secure, scalable platform. Everything you need to supercharge the development of your startup’s apps, data and cloud infrastructure.

The challenge of assembling a development team with the right experience and expertise can hamstring a startup's ability to execute on its business plan and satisfy investors' timelines. Don’t let your brilliant idea founder on problems in development and difficulties in staff acquisition.

We can provide you with the intellectual resources you need when you need them, make your funding stretch farther, and even help you develop your own internal development team without compromising your development timelines.

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