Intelifaz recently became a certified Great Place to Work company. Our team’s opinions and responses to the GPTW surveys earned us this certification. Which is a reward to the team itself. This was possible because of them. It’s their drive, passion and commitment to the values that we agreed upon almost a decade ago and that makes this company a great place to work. We already knew that. But having a third party reach that conclusion is another satisfying validation.

We also want to thank our customers ! Because it is their projects that fuel our passions and make our day to day professional lives interesting. Interacting with their business and professional teams, designing new products and features and delivering solutions that carry them to success is the foundation upon which we build. As we strive for continuous growth and improvement, our customer’s projects are our North star. An important part of our culture and everything recognized by our team during the GPTW survey , is tied into the fact that we have great customers with great projects.

A decade long journey

Attracting the best and brightest is only one of the first steps of the journey. Ten years ago, we were on the forefront of the relaxed work environments and flexible hours culture.  

We ( the whole team) continuously and purposely worked on our environment. Assessing the positive and lifting the negative. As we grew we learned how to onboard those that came from different cultures and maybe felt lost with so much apparent freedoms and self-directions. We learned to fuel growth, foster opportunities and balance personal with organizational goals. We placed efforts in giving everyone a voice. Setting those goals  was much easier than actually making them work while maintaining our direction and focus. But we made it.

This journey has not been without challenges. Not everyone is fit a for the culture and not everyone’s purpose is aligned with the organization. But we have learned to deal with those cases  while minimizing impact on the whole.

Finally, we could not deliver great quality and service to our customers if we were not a great place to work. Our projects require the best and the brightest and an environment that makes them shine.

To all our team and our customers :  Thank You for making us a Great Place to Work !